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Te Ataata

Former French Residents

This creative technologies residency programme hosts designers, programmers, creators,

innovators from various background and fields since 2015.

Discover more about them here.

Maurin Donneaud

Resident in 2019

Maurin Donneaud is a freelance designer, artist and programmer, specialised in e-textile and sound design. He creates textile interfaces for electronic live performances and art installations. Through his research, he envisions to rehabilitate gesture into digital media handling, enrich the Human Machine Interaction and enhance arts and crafts with smart technology. 

Maurin Donneaud portrait
Olga Kisseliva project

Olga Kisseleva

Resident in 2018

Olga Kisseleva is a plastic artist and a researcher whose approach combines modern arts and contemporary sciences. She is also a lecturer at Panthéon-Sorbonne University in Paris. Her work was exhibited in the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, the MoMA in New York and the Getty Center in Los Angeles.


Antonin Fourneau

Resident in 2017

Antonin Fourneau graduated from the Aix-en-Provence Art School and the Design School of ENSAD Paris. Antonin focuses on interactive art and popular culture. He has created a collaborative project, Eniarof, about innovation and a new form of funfair. Most of his research is about creative interactions in large groups of people.


Antonin Fourneau portrait
Chatonsky-Dyèvre project


Residents in 2016

Grégory Chatonsky’s work traditionally questions the difference between public and private, real and virtual, fluid and constant, through works that trouble viewers. He has taught at several art schools in France and Canada. 

Goliath Dyèvre uses 3D printing in his designs, and has even printed replicas of human bones. He has worked with Hermès and taught at Beaux Arts of Lyon. He is an examiner at ENSCI, École Boulle, Beaux Arts of Saint-Etienne. 



Residents in 2015

Raphaël Pluvinage, a graduate from ENSCI Les-Ateliers (Paris), is an artist, a designer, and a member of La Paillasse (Paris). His work has been exhibited at La Gaité Lyrique (Paris) and La biennale du design (Saint-Etienne).

Marion Pinaffo graduated from ENSCI Les-Ateliers and ENSAAMA Olivier de Serres. Her work was exhibited at the Biennale du design, the “Sunny Memories” EPFL exhibit (Lausanne, Paris, New-York, Berlin) and Futur en Seine.

Pinaffo-Pluvinage portrait
Neon Lights
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