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France / New Zealand, or Frenz, sounds like a rugby game, doesn’t it? Well, almost.

SoFrenz stands for « So French / So New Zealand » and evokes the meeting of these two cultures.


It is a platform which, just like in rugby, is synonymous with a great game and a memorable post-match celebration - for Culture! 

SoFrenz was created for those who want to be in the know of what is happening between France and New Zealand - artistically speaking.

In So/Art, you will find information about artist residencies hosting French/France-based artists in New Zealand. So/What is a French cultural tour of up-and-coming events in New Zealand, and at times, relevant events promoting New Zealand’s artistic scene in France. 

Finally, the post-match is taking place in the Alliances Françaises, who are at the forefront of all Frenchie things in New Zealand: language lessons, holiday programmes, book clubs, cooking classes, exhibitions, to list just a few.

This website is facilitated by the Embassy of France in New Zealand.  

Feel free to share the events and opportunities highlighted in these pages.


We are also happy to hear your feedback. And together, let’s be SoFrenz !

We are in good company

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