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Te Whare Hēra

Former French Residents

This visual arts residency programme hosts contemporary artists and curators since 2016.

Discover more about them here.

Vincent Chevillon

Resident in 2023

During his time in Aotearoa, he traced the movements of cetaceans found stranded on Te Waipounamu back in 1905 and which are currently preserved and stored in the zoological museum of Strasbourg. This project is called ’ A Lack of Hearing ’. This investigation is about experiencing multiple methods to better understand an environment, the elements that constitute it, that contain it, and the dependencies that link them all.

Following the wake of these whales is like following the course of a river to understand the tributaries. It is also like following the shore of the worlds and testify of the interactions at play.

​Vincent Chevillon is working on a participative encyclopedic platform since 2013:

Listen to Vincent Chevillon on the following topics:

Hoël Duret

Resident in 2020

Hoël Duret is an interdisciplinary French artist living and working between Paris and Nantes. He graduated with an MA from the ESBA Fine Arts School in Nantes in 2011. His practice is transdisciplinary and his corpus filled with installations, videos, performances, paintings and sculptures. His work often features references to cinema, design, painting, dance, music and literature.

His creations have been shown in the Georges Pompidou Centre in Paris (modern and contemporary art museum), Seoul Art Museum, Tel Aviv Art Museum, Martos Gallery in Los Angeles amongst others.

Hoel Duret portrait
3Q1A5848eve chabanon web jpeg_edited.jpg

Eating Each OthersÈve Gabriel Chabanon,
The Engine Room, Wellington 2019. Image: Harry Cully

Ève Chabanon

Resident in 2019

Ève Chabanon’s practice of social performance, live action gatherings and film and object making advances a vision for an in-depth conversation on the impacts of neo-liberal political issues. She asks how people can be more self-determining in their lived environments and everyday lives and takes on the role of facilitator by producing the conditions for engaging communities in collective processes about individual and community wellbeing.

The gatherings and performances rely upon the participation of audiences and their lived experience. Building intimacy and trust are key aspects of the projects so that participants can bring tensions to the surface in the complex relationships that exist between them and the civic institutions, and the neo-liberal and capitalist systems of politics and economics they have to navigate.

Chloé Quenum

Resident in 2018

Chloé Quenum works with glass, metals, textiles and concrete, and with processes of staining, transparency and casting. Key elements in her work are the references she makes to furniture, architectural structures and symbolic coding. Sensitive to the role materials play in building stratum and to the architectural contexts in which her highly constructed objects are encountered, Quenum explores the complex layering of space and time. She is interested in how the spatial arrangements of her installations present audiences with multiple points of view.

Chloe Quenum portrait
Soraya Rhofir portrait

Soraya Rhofir

Resident in 2017

Soraya Rhofir has been developing for ten years an art based on collages and the staging of images, from the A4 format to on-site installation. Her objective consists in reaching a point of unbalance in her use of materials, perspective and images she samples. She amalgamates these artifacts of an undetermined nature and aesthetics that pop out alongside the feed of images and reuses them on a multi-dimensional level. Using common materials, popular imagery and ordinary tools, she creates cosmic narratives that are heavy with virtual potentialities. She has exhibited in art centres such as Les Eglises (Chelles, 2013), and Parc Saint-Léger (Pougues-les-Eaux, 2012). She was selected for the Prix Ricard (2010) and shortlisted at Present-Future Artissima (2014). She has also worked with filmmaker Trent Harris.

Étienne de France

Resident in 2016

Étienne de France graduated with a B.A in Art History and Archeology (2005) and a B.A in Visual Arts in the Iceland Art Academy of Reykjavik (2008). He pursues a multidisciplinary art practice. Drawing on the fields of architecture and sciences, he creates series of works exploring the differences between concepts of nature and landscape. His practice uses a variety of media such as writing, video, photography, drawing, and sculpture. Combining fiction and reality, each work is composed of multiple elements, and is the result of a long-term development. 

Etienne De France portrait
Hervé Maillet


Residents in 2016

Louise Hervé and Chloé Maillet's duo was formed in 2000. Louise studied Art and Art History. Chloé has a PhD in Anthropological History. Since then they have been pursuing research-based projects, each chapter of research taking the form of a film or a series of films, an exhibition or a publication. Their artistic practice focuses on the act of narration. Their stories bring together historical facts, fiction, new realities and take the form of films, installations, performative conferences – a mixture of lecture, performance and conference. Their methodology combines scientific discourse with personal comments and has been described as an “archaeology of knowledge”. 

White Room
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