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Photo Exhibition: 'Femmes francophones'

The CREIPAC in Noumea is celebrating the Francophonie and the Arts with an online portrait exhibition, both photographic and literary, showcasing 18 artists, women, all deeply connected to New Caledonia.

Photographer is Clotilde Richalet Szucz

Written contributions by the artists are in French

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Visit the online exhibition here:

Catherine C Laurent, Olivia Duchesne, Noëlla Poemate, Lyncey Wakfuuu, Marie Murtini, Wali Wahetra, Frédérique Viole, Hélène Sio Hanyë, Jeanne Raboutet, Sylvie Baille, Waej Juni Genin, Leslie Gobille, Dominique Marinet-Carrier, Nicole Chardon-Isch, Christine Bourrelly, Imasango, Évelyne André-Guidici et Waehla Hotere.

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