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San Salvador at WOMAD

A six-voice and percussion band is taking the stage at WOMAD this year!

Occitan* polyphony is the starting point for this collective as they embark on their search for universal folklore, rooted in their region’s deep troubadour traditions yet circulating between cultures and musical genres, to create harmonious and well-balanced rhythms combining poetry and mesmerising vocals.

* A Romance language spoken mostly in the South of France

WOMAD New Zealand

New Plymouth, Taranaki

Saturday 18 March, 1:00 PM - Brooklands Stage

Sunday 19 March, 3:00 PM - Taste the World Stage

Sunday 19 March, 6:30 PM - Gables Stage

Visit WOMAD website for more information and bookings.

© San Salvador

Based in Saint-Salvadour in France, San Salvador will be touring in Australia and New Zealand with WOMAD this March : 11 to 13 in Adelaide and 17 to 19 in New Plymouth.

Gabriel Durif – vocals, tambourine; Eva Durif – vocals; Thibault Chaumeil – vocals, tom bass; Marion Lherbeil – vocals, tom bass; Laure Nonique Desvergnes – vocals; Sylvestre Nonique Desvergnes – vocals, drums.


WOMAD New Zealand is a multi-day festival celebrating the world's various forms of music, arts and dance and taking place in New Plymouth each year before Easter.


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