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Cycle for Water

From New Zealand to France: a global cycling adventure promoting access to drinking water.

Pétronille, William, Hugo and César are from Normandy, France. They are cycling through 20 countries - starting from New Zealand in November 2022 - to promote access to drinking water and highlight the unequal distribution of water resources around the globe. They are due to arrive back home in February 2024.

© Cycle for Water - Pétronille, William, Hugo, César.

These four childhood friends are behind CycleForWater, a humanitarian NGO aiming to improve access to water and essential hygiene for populations in need.

Follow their journey and support them along the way via their dedicated instagram account:

© Cycle for Water

CycleForWater works with 4 NGOs: The Karen Hilltribes Trust in Thailand, Wahana Visi in Indonesia, Global Peace Foundation in Malaysia and Clear Cambodia in Cambodia.

The initiative is supported by the No Water No Us project, which aims to unite all initiatives around water by setting up concrete actions to raise awareness of the water cause.


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