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Cinematic Arts Miramar

Former French Residents

Discover the artists specializing in the film and gaming industries that Cinematic Arts Miramar has welcomed to Wellington since its creation in 2023.

Ana Maria CAM.png

Ana Maria de Jesus

Resident in 2023

Ana Maria de Jesus is constantly experimenting: navigating between documentary, video game, comic strip, web and cartoon, she is driven by the idea of creating new objects, with the common thread of the desire to tell stories. By turns art director, UX and UI designer and professor of UX Games Design at the Institut Supérieur des Arts Appliqués (LISAA), Ana Maria was CAM's first resident. During her stay in Wellington, she developed an online card game about humanity and surviving climate change. In 2020, she had already created Sadhana, a video game on spirituality, in response to a call for projects from the Franco-German television channel Arte. 

White Room
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