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Livia Esterhazy is President at WWF in New Zealand. 

WWF New Zealand


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For too long, we as humans have thought of ourselves as seperate to nature, above it, in charge of it. We have taken from nature, to feed ourselves, to produce things, to enjoy ourselves and basically to feed and fuel our 21st century lifestyles. Unfortunately nature is not an infinite resource and we are already taking too much of nature each year that isn't able to be renewed in that year. It's unsustainable. No business could function in such a continued deficit and neither can nature. 

So to be able to rebuild, we need to rebuild in a way that is sustainable for centuries to come. The only way we can do this is to start seeing ourselves as a part of nature not apart from nature. If we start to live in a connected way to nature, we will then start to truly live in harmony with nature and ensure it is not only there for its own survival, but our very own survival. 

Livia Esterhazy

President at WWF New Zealand

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