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Vincent Chevillon, Te Whare Hēra 2023 Laureate

Vincent Chevilllon is the 2023 French artist-in-residence. He will take up his residency in March and April 2023.

@ Vincent Chevillon

Initially trained in Earth and Life Sciences, Vincent Chevillon grew up overseas.

He complemented his training with arts studies and a post-grad diploma from the Beaux-Arts of Paris, La Seine, in 2021. Later on, he joined the SPEAP (Art-Science and Society) experimental programme alongside Bruno Latour in Sciences-Po Paris.

Since 2014, he teaches Space(s) at the Haute école des arts du Rhin (HEAR) in Strasbourg.

His research is based on several fields of study. He navigates between anthropology, geophysics and iconology. His practice evolves over time from items harvested or shaped, images, stories, which come alive in installations, digital artwork, objects.

In 2013 he undertook a field research on board a sailing boat which roamed the Atlantic Ocean for seven months from shore to shore.

Vincent Chevillon is working on a participative encyclopedic platform since 2013:

During his time in Aotearoa, he will trace the movements of cetaceans stranded on Te Waipounamu back in 1905 and which are currently preserved and stored in the zoological museum of Strasbourg. This project is called ’ A Lack of Hearing ’. This investigation is about experiencing multiple methods to better understand an environment, the elements that constitute it, that contain it, and the dependencies that link them all.

Following the wake of these whales is like following the course of a river to understand the tributaries. It is also like following the shore of the worlds and testify of the interactions at play.


Te Whare Hēra is a residency programme bringing contemporary French artists to live, work and exhibit in Wellington. It was initiated by Massey University's College of Creative Arts, in collaboration with the Embassy of France in New Zealand.


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