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Pierre Huyghe: Human Mask

In an abandoned restaurant, the camera follows what appears to be the only living being: a monkey dressed as a young girl trapped in repetitive duties. Inspired by a real situation and using drone footage of Fukushima after the 2011 disasters, this 19-min short film invites viewers to question their relationship to animals and deep history.

Pierre Huyghe: Human Mask

Free exhibition

4 August–31 October 2021

City Gallery Wellington

Pierre Huyghe, Human Mask, 2014

Pierre Huyghe is a multi-disciplinary French artist, who resides and works in New York, and whose work is presented in exhibitions all around the world. He explores the intersection of fiction and reality through images, installations, and events, and is well-known for his “post-production” technique, repurposing existing media to create new art pieces.

Pierre Huyghe, Human Mask, 2014 - City Gallery Wellington


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