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Ehsan Hazaveh is an independent Iranian photographer based in Wellington, New Zealand.

Find more of his work at:

Ph: +64 22 400 5045

Ehsan Hazaveh


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Mementos tells the stories of four resettled refugees living in their new home country, New Zealand, through photography and storytelling. Mementos reflects the stories of Nigussie, Paul, Moreen and Alexandra, who are originally from Ethiopia, Myanmar, Iraq and Colombia, respectively. Through their stories, the participants articulate what it is like to be a former refugee. Mementos seeks to bring the diversity of former refugees to the surface by offering personal stories, contextualising their experiences and sharing their hopes and dreams.

Mementos invites people from the refugee and other communities to gather, learn from each other, and celebrate the diversity of experiences from different parts of the world.

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Left - "Once, I was looking down during an interview for a cleaning job. I failed the interview because I didn’t look into the interviewer’s eyes while talking with him. In my culture, we do it to show respect. I didn’t know that it can be seen differently".

​Above - "This is Old Lion’s house. I met Old Lion in Hey George café in Kilbirnie. He was writing something. I approached him and told him: “I also have stories to tell”. It was the beginning of our beautiful friendship".

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Above - "I’m a teacher assistant at Newtown School, and I love it.

Every single morning when I open my eyes, I’m excited to go to the school and see the children and go through the learning process together".

Right - "I received the Outstanding Learning Achievement award in 2017. Although I was nervous at the ceremony, I stood in front of 450 people and made my speech. I wish my parents were among the audience so that I could celebrate my achievement with them".

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Left - "This is my family. Myself, Ning and Cing".

Above - "We have started our cleaning company. Now, we work for our company, and more importantly, we work together".

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Above left - "My life had been on pause for a while, and Julio came and resumed it. He brought me hope".

Above right - "I have no issue being unusual. I would rather be myself, make my own decisions and find my own way".

To read the full stories, follow this link

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